WOW we are into Februray and already rocketing through the days!
Where ever you are around the globe I do hope you are well and fabulous!
This is just a quick hello to let you know we have just re vamped our website with updates and cool new stuff so the next blog will be full of all sorts of things!
Until then! Christina:) x




Catch up time again- hello to you all from all over the world!

I hope his finds you well and fabulous:)
Wow, I cannot believe that another year is almost over, I do feel like I say this every year so maybe it is just as you get older the years just fly by faster and faster?!
It has been an amazing and full on last quarter. 
Firstly we have exceeded our Instagram target for the year with hitting 30k followers after LILIKA went to Milan, so before the year is even out we have passed our set goal! 
I love all the messages and support we continue to get as the brand grows, even just a message from someone who has purchased LILIKA , being so happy and feeling great in their new look. That just makes my week!
Our beautiful fun and Colorful ' Head over heels in love' Summer collection 2018 is now out and had been incredibly popular from the time it was rolled out. There is something for everyone! .
This week  our giveaway draw winner Anna Browns was announced for the fabulous $50 LILIKA gift card and the Naturally Rosie's organic beauty gift pack! Enjoy Anna!
For those of you who don't know, I am currently completing my first book and have very recently finished the first draft- very exciting to get to this stage! It has been super busy juggling my book, the new collections that just keep on coming and everything else business related but I am loving it! The book launch will be later next year, through my Melbourne publisher. More updates on that next time.
Our summer has really started heating up now in Kiwi land and it is so glorious having the sun shining and the skies blue, after our wet, cold miserable winter!
Last week I had the amazing and fabulous news that LILIKA would now be hanging on the racks, amongst the rich and famous- in Beverly Hills at RODEO Drive. 
Wow! What a moment for my posh Kiwi brand. They have just arrived in California and now in the beautiful designer, celebrity boutique in time for Christmas!
So thankful to be doing what I adore every day and watching my special brand grow so quickly, it really has been so rewarding. To know that there are women out there slipping on LILIKA all around the world. Whether it be for work or play, it is my absolute pleasure to be designing and dressing women for a living.
With the next new collection underway, I am once again having a ball choosing fabrics, colours and designing more special things to grace your body. I cannot wait to see them walking down the International runway once again! Deciding where our next photo shoot will take place is always fun, if we take to the skies or if we stay at home. Our last one in NYC was a huge success. I love NY.
So once again it is that special time of year for family and friends, fun and love. When we get to hang out, relax and have some time out after the busy year. To just do what we want. Whatever that may be, wherever that may be and whoever you may be  sharing it with. 
I hope you have a safe and wonderful holidays and an awesome New Year, that it is filled with lots of laughter and happiness. That you get spoilt rotten, you eat lots of delicious food and all while you look and feel gorgeous, inside and out.
Take care, stay posh  and fabulous and we will chat again in 2018!

Christina :) xx


​Hello to you all!

YAY it is finally Spring here in Kiwi land! Looking forward to lots of sunshine and warm days.
As usual we have been super busy with lots on the go.
On the 1st of October our gorgeous chic and colorful Spring/Summer 2018 gets rolled out on the website for purchase. Luxurious fabrics and amazing bold colors and prints are waiting for you!
From cute denim shorts to a dress fit for work and events, you will find something to wear somewhere! I hope you have fun checking it out and also seeing our little bit poshed up website. The lovely Sarah Mitchell was our model and Nikki from Keep calm and look Fabulous did the gorgeous HAM. Photographer Amber Leigh Stevens shot the photos. We also recently got a super cool new logo.
We have just had Fashion Week here in NZ but we were scheduled for our awesome new collection photo shoot in NYC. While we were shooting in Manhattan, Lilika was showing off back at home. Wining and dining her way through Fashion Week!
Meanwhile we had an amazing photo shoot from locations of Central Park to the red steps of Time Square. Our very talented and internationally published NYC photographer- Katherine Angelique did an awesome job. Along with our beautiful NYFW runway model Gabriella Kaczurkin.
I cannot wait to share the new collection with you but we have to wait a little bit yet:) My inspiration for the collection was NYC where my debut show was and where it all began. So it was very fitting that we shot it there. It is called- Skyscraper.
This week Lilika is also in MILAN being worn by a top fashion blogger at Milan Fashion week! So we will be posting videos and photos of the event. Keep an eye out on all our social media platforms.
We are so excited to be back on the runway again next season and are currently scheduling our shows for 2018.
Our Autumn/Winter 2017 is currently on sale with 30% off while stock lasts, so if you want to put aside some things for the colder months, now is the time! Check out our pics of all the news and me out and about in our Fly With Me Winter collection.
We are tracking super on our Instagram account with well over 17,000 followers now, being right on target for our 20,000 goal by the end of the year. Thank you once again for all your amazing support of my posh boutique Kiwi brand. I absolutely love what I do and will continue to be immersed in fabric and colors, putting together some gorgeous designs to adorn you all!
Have a fabulous week where ever you may be in the world-take care and stay just a little bit posh;)

Christina x

Winter catch-up!

Hello all!

Hope this finds you well and fabulous! It is cold and wet here in NZ, currently in the middle of our Winter. The one bonus to the cold weather, is I get to finally wear our latest collection 'Fly With Me'. I am totally in love with wearing the bold prints and rich colours on a gloomy day!
We had a beautiful location for our Spring/Summer 2018 recent photo shoot, on the shores just north of Auckland. It was a perfect day with blue skies and the sun shining.
The day was an amazing match for our new collection, which is full of our trademark bright colours, including teal and emerald green. Of course, there is some gorgeous florals and print as well.
With figure hugging, chic and sheer, classic and draping styles, they are all part of this beautiful new collection. I can't wait to show you all!
For our next Autumn/Winter collection, we are heading back to Manhattan NYC, where we had our debut show. The amazing Katherine Angelique, an internationally published photographer based in NYC will be shooting the collection for us. Along with our gorgeous NY model Gabrielle who walked the finale for me, in our debut show.
So looking forward to seeing Lilika on the streets of NYC!
In the last month I have also had the opportunity to work with the inspiring and very talented Jing Song from Crown Range Cellar. She is the youngest and only female in the world to win Pinot Noir trophy. She is currently in London, where she has just accepted her second award at the London Guild Hall. I had the absolute pleasure in dressing her for this prestigious event in a Lilika Couture design! I have attached a sneak peek of her at the awards dinner but more photos to come. So keep an eye on our social media platforms. We have more fabulous collaborations planned with Jing in the near future.
We are so excited how the brand continues to grow, along with all our social media. Our Instagram is now over 15,000 followers with a goal to reach 20,000 by the end of the year.
 We are also looking forward to a double page feature in the classy and glossy fashion magazines based in the US- Lucy's. They featured Lilika with a full page in March and we can't wait to get back inside the covers again, this time taking a double page!
We still continue to get some amazing invitations to showcase from around the world and look forward to showing, off the shores of New Zealand again next year. We have decided to spend some time here in NZ for the next several months, to further build our Kiwi brand in its own country, where it was born:)
I do hope you have a fun and fabulous week ahead, where ever you may be in the world. Thank you for your wonderful ongoing support of our Kiwi brand. Take care and of course.. stay just a little bit posh!
Until next time,

Christina :) x


Wow! How fabulous to be inside the covers of the worlds most read fashion magazine! All with Victoria Beckham gracing the cover! We have had so many wonderful features this year showcasing Lilika it has been amazing, we are very proud of our 1/4 page feature in ELLE UK with our popular Nessie look from LAFW. ​Check out our feature😄👍



Hello to you all! We are officially in Autumn now here in NZ so we are definitely cooling down but it is a beautiful time of year. Many of you off shore have just hit Spring! I have just finished designing Spring/ Summer 2018 with the most gorgeous colors, some very chic playful looks and the most beautiful prints and draping fabrics! Our Fly with Me Autumn/Winter 17 collection has already been a great success with some clear hot favourites! Check out our fab new collection now up! Our busy month of March with features was amazing! We had our 2nd feature in Cosmopolitan UK featuring the gorgeous Ava Cota from reality show Dance Mums in the US. She did a great job walking for us at LAFW. We then had the glossy full page feature in Lucy's magazine based in the US. Then Harper's Bazaar UK collectors issue of 150 years featuring us with a 3rd page under Luxury Couture, followed by the fabulous 1/4 page feature in ELLE Uk last week with our SS17 look off the runway! We are so excited and thankful for all the wonderful feedback and success of our Kiwi brand. Last week World Fashion Week invited me as NZ top fashion talent to represent New Zealand in Paris at Fashion Week, wow what an honour! Followed by an invitation to showcase at an exclusive fashion show at Cannes International Film Festival! We have welcomed on board new Lilika stockists in the last month in NZ and off shore, very exciting-more news on that to come soon! The gorgeous 2 time Emmy award winner Gaby Natale in photos attached wore our popular Hot pink and blue Meg dress to Miami recently where she met with the cast of Orange is the new black, One day at a time and many more! She loved wearing her Lilika design and had many comments and has since asked for more! We are shooting our new SS18 line next week so the team is looking forward to another fun and fabulous day of dressing up! Have a wonderful week and thank you all for the ongoing support, while our posh brand continues to grow! Christina 💜


YAY we love being featured! This time the glossy and gorgeous Lucy's fashion magazine in the US has a full page feature on LDFH!
This mag is full of class along with beautiful photography. It has been such a busy month for features:)
Right now I am completing the SS18 collection along with building the brand internationally so there is lots going on and lots to come! Here in New Zealand we are losing our summer and it is starting to cool down a little, I am looking forward to wearing the latest Winter17 range that will be up on the website soon!
​I hope you all have a wonderful week:) Christina x


March 15th, 2017

I am so excited that our posh Kiwi brand got inside the covers of this amazing magazine-HARPER'S BAZAAR UK! We love our feature showing off our gorgeous Meg dress from the SS17 Kiwi Obsession collection that showed at FWLA.
WE have so much more to look forward to in the coming year and I am just so thankful that I get to do what i love everyday! It has been a fast ride so far and have learnt so many new things and achieved so much in such a short time. When you are doing what you love it really, really isn't work!
Hope you all have a wonderful work and keep dreaming big and do what rocks your boat!
​Christina:) x

March 03rd, 2017

Hi everyone!:)
March already!
The fabulous FashioNZ interviewed me recently on the coming collection and lots of other things! If you want to have a fun read it is up now on-
A little preview about the coming collection -- it is strong and bold, with black, gold and silver combined with rich pinks and deep sea green. 
I fell in love with the textures of the fabrics, several reminding me of the rich look and feel of Chanel. I wanted bold prints that would pop out in the winter.
I always love to introduce gold into my collections, I adore gold, could be to do with my Greek background?! The gold in this collection was special though as it was recently my parents 50th Golden Anniversary so I was inspired by that. The hint of that 50's style meeting with modern print comes through in the collection..We will keep you posted when it is out!
For those of you outside NZ we have our gorgeous Kiwi Obsession collection Spring/Summer 2017 from FWLA ready to be worn with gorgeous soft florals, denim and a bright colour palette perfect for the warm weather.

March is a super busy month for Lilika being featured! We have another feature going into Cosmopolitan UK with a design from the runway in LA, also we have Lucy's Magazine in the US featuring a full page of LDFH which is out mid-march. Then we have HARPER"S BAZAAR UK who asked us to feature very recently in their Collectors issue under Luxury Couture!
I am so proud to have my posh Kiwi brand inside the covers of these fabulous fashion magazines! Let us also not forget in April we have ELLE UK who is featuring us also!
On the 4th-10th of March we are supporting a wonderful charity here in NZ called SHINE that raises money to help those involved in domestic abuse. They are lighting it orange for that week in March to raise money in supporting their amazing work. Lily-Rose Redshaw (pictured below) is the founder of Naturally Rosie, a NZ organic beauty brand, she is donating $5 out of every purchase to support Shine! I use these products myself and they are amazing. We just did a post this week on going in the draw to win a fabulous hamper, packed full of goodies including a $150 Lilika Designs gift voucher! 
Check out the Naturally Rosie website here to be in to win - they will also be at Rotoura market day 4th Marchfor SHINE.
A little bit more news- the gorgeous double Emmy award winning Gaby Natale, will be wearing a LDFH design to an up and coming event, I can't wait to see her in it! And more to come!
With more wonderful invitations to showcase including Paris, London and the US we are working on our schedule.
 Thank you to all you lovely ladies out there wearing Lilika!
Until next time have a great week, stay fabulous, of course just a little bit posh and take care:)
Christina x